• HADEED – Feasibility Study for Minimization of Fines creation during transport of IOP from port to stockyard
    [2014, Saudi Arabia]
    Evaluating of the amount of fines created during the transport of IOP over the Hadeed port belt conveyor system, preparation of an upgrading proposal.
  • Emirates Steel – Feasibility Study for Integrated Logistic Solution
    [2013, Abu Dhabi, UAE]
    Elaboration of logistics solution for the transport of incoming IOP from oversea, port facilities, stockyard facilities and plant internal bulk handling.
  • TAIMWESER – Investigation of Broken Boom of Stacker Reclaimer Machine
    [2013, Morocco]
    Conpeed investigated the cause of the broken boom which was either caused by wrong operation or wrong design.
  • QATAR STEEL – Feasibility Study for Wet Dusting System
    [2012, Qatar]
    Study and provides economic solution on the existing wet dedusting system in study.
  • LIEBHERR – Investigation of Claim of Broken Boom
    [2011, Qatar]
    On the crane HS 895 cracks on/beside welds of connection on the boom occurred during operation. The cause of theses cracks have been evaluated. Conpeed was working in cooperation with the Technical University in Vienna.
  • HADEED – Upgradation of Take-up Units, Conveyor Y30-04/05
    [2008, Saudi Arabia]
    Investigation for upgrading of the take-up system.