Commissioning of Dust Suppression System

Conpeed successfully commissioned a water based dust suppression system supplied to Hadeed, the biggest steel producer in the Middle East. The system is installed on the stockyards of modules A/B/C/D and E. The system consists of a pump house incl. control system, a piping system approx 2.5 km long and the automatic operated spray system on each of the hoppers and stackers. Start and stop of the system are fully automatic and depends on the material transport. The system is built according to DIN standard and is fulfilling the Royal Commission Standards.

Contract for New Wharf incl. Loading Facilities
[January 2015]

Conpeed signed a contract with one of the biggest steel producers of the region, SULB, Bahrain in January 2015. The size of the wharf in phase I have a seafront length of 120 m and a width of 95 m. It is designed to function as a storage facility for sections and billets as well as a load out facility for DRI. The wharf, which is a backfilled sheet pile construction will have a loading facility consisting of a continuous ship loader and a conveyor system with a reloading hopper for a total capacity of 1000 mt/hr of DRI material. As well as the required facility for DRI handling, a nitrogen purging system will be installed in addition to the other infrastructure facilities consisting of a substation, guardhouse building with control station, truck scale etc.

Final presentation and handing over of Fines Study
[December 2014]

Conpeed finalized a Study in which the creation of fines material during the transport of the IOP material from unloading of the ships in the industrial port up to the stockyards in Hadeed underwent in depth scrutiny. The study consists of three parts:

  1. Physical evaluation of fines created between the port and stockyard,
  2. Investigating of the possibility to improve the handling and handling system,
  3. Evaluation of possible costs of an upgrading project.